Haileybury Astana works with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges from Boston in the United States. This accrediting body was founded in 1885 and accredits schools worldwide to help maintain top standards in the very best schools around the globe. In this section you will find copies of their latest reports on Haileybury Astana.

CIS Membership

Following the recent Evaluation carried out by Stuart McLay, concluding on the 6th December 2018, we are pleased to announce that Haileybury Astana has been granted membership of the Council of International Schools (CIS) together with candidate status for CIS Accreditation. We have been selected to be the first school in CIS history to embark on an accelerated accreditation process, which is for schools demonstrating effective alignment with many accreditation standards at the membership evaluation stage.

Mr. Edmond Maher, Director of School Support & Evaluation, in his formal letter of acknowledgement wrote:

My congratulations go to you and your school community on this achievement and on your commitment to the shared vision held by CIS school members around the world – a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens and a commitment to high quality education and sustainable school improvement. The report comments on many positive school features, which support the award of membership and the recommendation for accreditation candidacy and the most important of these are identified as major commendations’
We are immensely proud of this achievement, and we would like to thank the school community for their support. This is the start of an exciting journey, which will see us benchmark ourselves against internationally recognised standards and is testament to our continued commitment to improve the service we provide the Haileybury Astana community.

Highlights of report from New England Association of Schools and Colleges:

Teaching and Learning

‘a very strong structure for supporting teaching and learning’

The IB Learner Profile attributes, along with a series of “Haileybury Habits,” are driving the learning culture. These attributes and habits are cemented in comprehensive academic and support policies, handbooks, and guides, as well as in the school's Strategic Improvement Plan’

‘Assessment is a major driver of programming at HA. Backward mapping from the DP and IGCSE examinations helps ensure that skills are learned ... leading to the development of deeper meaning of concepts at each stage of student development. Student progress is monitored against international standards and linked to “pupil action plans.”

Walk-throughs and formal observations form the foundation of the system of staff appraisal and support. Feedback to staff was reported as robust and well-received.  

‘The learning environment was uniformly pleasant, visually appealing, and colorful, even in the Secondary section. Early Childhood and many Elementary rooms were brimming with visual and intellectual stimulation, evidence of work accomplished, and student-generated work. Secondary classrooms were bright, inviting, comfortable, and warm, and had been effectively decorated by the teachers.’

Arts, Sports, Music and moral development

‘developing the whole child with a strong moral compass is also at the forefront of HA's programs and services’

‘Providing opportunities in the visual and performing arts, sports, and beyond with engagement in leadership and teamwork, HA offers a varied and challenging co-curricular program. Concepts such as right and wrong, rights and responsibilities, and global citizenship underpin the learning in the co-curricular program. Special diplomas and awards are presented to students who show a commitment to school life beyond academics or service to others.’

‘Students were happy with their options for co-curricular activities (CCAs). They cited Model UN, performing arts shows, and tournaments for basketball, running, volleyball, and football as examples of activities that emphasize growth and excellence as well as fun and participation, ending in culminating competitions.’

Leadership and Organisation

‘HA's organizational structure has evolved into one that is abundant in its ability to provide a strong balance of support and accountability for effective practices across all school functions and levels.

‘The Headmaster, in his second year at HA, was reported by staff, other administrators, and the Board Chairman as having strengthened the efficacy of senior leadership, improved financial management oversight, streamlined reporting lines among staff, and distributed parent questions and concerns to the appropriate level for quicker action, while still remaining accessible when concerns that are not settled at other institutional levels warrant his attention.

‘Administrators, faculty, parents, and students all reported a high degree of support of the administrative structure and overall satisfaction with the services delivered by the Administrative Team. Faculty and administrators further indicated that the abundance of support was appropriately balanced by a high degree of accountability for performance at all levels. Neither the parents nor the students who spoke to the Visitor had reservations about the quality of teaching they experience’

‘A combination of the school-wide roles of the Head, Deputy Head, and Director of Studies, in addition to frequent and formal (and sometimes informal) meetings crossing horizontal divisions and Key Stages, have served to give the school a whole-school feeling. This is also reinforced through the program of professional development, which was reported as robust by staff and administrators’

‘Following a comprehensive needs assessment, HA developed a Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) that is revisited annually for adjustments. The current plan prioritizes needs in areas of academic outcomes, holistic learning, student welfare, strengthening cultural identity, attracting/retaining the best leaders….. The plan is comprehensive and is at the heart of leadership practices and resource allocation.

‘Policies, procedures, and monitoring systems are in place to ensure that the school premises are well maintained, emergency evacuations are planned for, medical care and counselling services are effective, and child protection guidelines are comprehensive’

‘Policies cover everything from risk assessments required for field trips, bullying, and digital citizenship to special needs and pastoral care, critical incident planning/reporting, child restraint, recruitment and appointing staff with respect to child protection, and myriad other protections.

‘The school's clinic is staffed by a fulltime nurse and a school doctor. Various agency certificates of inspection and safety compliance from government jurisdictions are on file in the office of the Administrative Director. A standing Health & Safety Committee regularly reviews the school's safety and security systems and reports deficiencies to the School Management Team’

‘HA emergency procedures were rated as “outstanding” by the American Embassy staff invited in by the school to help it assess its efficacy in this area’

‘As one of the most sought after schools in Astana, the reasonably high fee structure is directly correlated to an attractive compensation and benefits package that is essential in the recruitment of expatriate staff to a rather remote central Asian location that is also the second coldest capital city in the world. Despite the long and grueling winters, HA enjoys healthy and positive staff morale, and is generally thriving under the high expectations placed on staff by the Administrative Team.’

School Buildings and Healthy Food

‘It is also evident that the school's current leadership has spent a great deal of thought and reflection on optimizing usage of internal as well as external space, resulting in many tangible and appreciated arrangements around the school. A single cafeteria is used in waves and seating and queues are managed effectively, with healthy and tasty offerings reported by most everyone who appreciates that only healthy foods are permitted.

Communication with Parents

‘The school's website and school email are used to manage student data, upload student assignments and teacher feedback, keep parents informed of their children's progress, monitor staff performance, analyze data, and announce events. Parents and staff reported being fully informed of school happenings and about their child's progress across the curriculum.’


‘average teacher tenure is now approaching four years despite the exceptionally cold and long winters. This also reflects positively on the leadership's efforts to develop a professional learning culture throughout the school, further exemplified by abundant professional development workshops and taking part in internal supports such as learning walks and peer observation’.


‘The HA students with whom the Visitor met were articulate, passionate, and confident in voicing their perceptions of the school. Fundamentally, they are happy to be at HA, appreciate their teachers, and would make the same school choice again if given an option. Students were happy with the new house system and the class tutors, feeling that any student life concerns were more readily supported, and reported that the spirit of competition was healthy and friendly as opposed to divisive. Students were unanimous that teacher expectations are clear as to what is expected of them in their part of the learning process. Interesting and diversely-delivered lessons, peer assistance and teamwork, and hands-on projects were characteristics of their classroom experiences. Bullying is reported as virtually non-existent at all grade levels ……. Policies were reported as fair, with transparent consequences for misdeeds, while the spirit of internationalism and non-discrimination was nurtured throughout all school levels.‘

Core Education Report – Summary Highlights.

Improvements since September 2017

·         Improved results at iGCSE to 100% A*-C in 15 subjects with positive value added scores across the majority of the curriculum;

·         a new systematic assessment process for all pupils including clear policies on Assessment, Teaching and Learning;

·         Implemented routine monitoring and evaluation processes to ensure that key performance and improvement data is quality assured and easily accessible;

·         Appointed high quality new staff, including key middle leader positions;

·         Established a Primary Leadership Team and significantly improved the leadership of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS);

·         Significantly improved the quality and consistency of teaching across the school and particularly in the secondary phase;

·         Significantly improved the learning environment and teaching of Kazakh, the majority of which was observed as outstanding on this visit;

·         Improved the effectiveness and consistency of SEND provision under the newly promoted SENCO;

·         Developed an effective Action Plan for the use of Learning Technology and appointed key staff to the revised Learning Technology Team;

·         Significantly enhanced and improved the learning environment for pupils, particularly in shared areas and in the consistency of classroom presentation which was often creative, interesting and of a high standard.


‘The new and strong leadership this year has established a clear vision and direction. A culture of mutual respect and tolerance, underpinned by inclusion and strong values, permeates the life of the school’

The leadership of curriculum and assessment  has been highly effective and has driven standards and improvement at considerable pace and with high quality outcomes

The new Early Years lead is very strong and experienced and some new staff were observed as highly effective

The newly established Primary Leadership Team are very talented and are keen to make an immediate difference. Appropriately led they have the potential to build on good practice and make a significant contribution to the Primary phase of the school.

Learning environment

There are well-equipped facilities in primary and secondary phases.  Learning areas and displays of work are of a ..high ..standard throughout. Development of the shared spaces is innovative and sustained and the school is an ever changing and improving environment for learning.  There is a new Sports Centre under construction and further developments to learning areas are planned. There is much enthusiasm for making the whole environment stimulating and welcoming for children and to promote learning and enquiry. The international dimension of the school is widely celebrated and displays are of a ..high… quality with commensurate impact evident.


There were many examples of good and outstanding practice and teaching in the core subjects was strong with the Heads of Maths, English and Science all demonstrating very good to outstanding teaching and learning. Teaching in Mathematics was exceptional.

Equally the leadership of English highly effective with outstanding teaching observed in iGCSE. The IB Co-ordinator sets high standards and expectations for teaching, learning and assessment and he is a driving force in the middle leadership team.

Teaching of Kazakh

The quality of teaching in Kazakh was outstanding and there has been very significant positive progress in this area.  Pupils were very actively engaged and enthusiastic.  The subject is much more developed and expectations for learning are very clear.  It was particularly good to see the Headmaster modelling Kazakh during one observation.

Overall Strengths of Haileybury Astana:

o   The behaviour of pupils in classrooms is exemplary.  Pupils are smartly dressed, confident and articulate and represent a credit to the school;

o   Secondary teaching is now a significant strength and teaching across the school is consistently good;

o   Pupils have many opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, not least through the co-curricular activities programme;

o   The school is run efficiently and is ably supported by a welcoming and professional body of support and administrative staff;

o   New additions to the middle leadership team have added significant strength to the school’s capacity and drive;

o   The iGCSE results have improved significantly with positive value added scores in the vast majority of subjects, particularly at higher grades;

o   The school facilities are of a high standard and new developments (e.g. the new IB ‘Google’ style suite and the shared spaces) continue to enhance the provision;

o   The assessment, data collection, reporting and target setting/raising achievement approach is highly effective, well planned, constructed and implemented.

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
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