HPA (Haileybury Parents Association)
Farida Kassabekova
Farida Kassabekova
Starting Year
Gulmira Chetinelli
Gulmira Chetinelli
Starting Year
Marzena Scholz
Marzena Scholz
Starting Year

Roles and functions of three officers of HPA Committee

Chair Secretary Treasurer
  • To call official HPA meetings (1 per term)
  • To Chair the HPA committee meetings: setting the agenda and facilitating the discussion with equal time for each member to speak and contribute idea’s regarding the agenda items.
  • To liaise with the school on behalf of the HPA where necessary
  • To deliver speeches on behalf of HPA, where appropriate and when requested
  • To introduce the HPA to new parents and to engage parents with equal attention regardless of house affiliation.
  • To support all members of the committee in their role as officer or house rep equally and without favouritism
  • To support the Chair of the HPA at meetings, take minutes and distribute to HPA Committee members and allocated member of staff, for review and comment
  • To read minutes at each official meeting of the HPA and have the ability to access minutes of past meetings for reference during official meetings of the HPA.
  • To communicate relevant information with Committee members and allocated member of staff, as appropriate, thereby facilitating the accuracy of arrived/approved agreements in minuted official meetings of the HPA or other required minuted meetings regarding the HPA.
  • To invite members of upcoming meetings with a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice
  • To arrange meetings, including venue, time, and proposed meeting agenda
  • To liaise with the School Admissions and Marketing department regarding information to be distributed to the Haileybury Parent community including welcome materials for new parent packets each year
  • To support all members of the committee in their role as officer or house rep equally and without favouritism in order to facilitate the accuracy of HPA information
  • To communicate with the allocated member of staff to establish and maintain the HPA accounts following the acceptable reimbursement/billing practices, established by the Haileybury Bursar
  • To liaise with the Chair, the committee and the allocated member of staff on agreed use for funds each term
  • To keep a simple spreadsheet detailing the movement of funds
  • To provide a treasurers report of the HPA accounts and balances for the Committee at each meeting ( 1 per term)
  • To summarize annually (at the AGM) the transactions and balance of the HPA accounts for the year-end review
  • To support all members of the committee in their role as officer or house rep equally and without favouritism as it relates to HPA use of funds.
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