Action plans

Waste, Energy and Health & Wellbeing.

The Action Plan is the core of your Eco-Schools work and should be developed using the results of your Environmental Review.

Targets for Waste:

  • Set up separate bins for recycling in each classroom (in the process - we already ordered the separate bins and they should arrive by the end of this academic year)
  • Reduce paper waste
    -> Encourage teachers to print ‘double-sided’ and ‘two pages per sheet’
    -> Paul boxes and cups
  • Reduce the use of non-biodegradable
    -> Replace plastic bags in the school shop with paper bags (TARGET ACHIEVED)
    -> Replace plastic cups near dispensers for paper cups (TARGET ACHIEVED)
    -> Use biodegradable plastic bags in bins instead of regular ones (TARGET ACHIEVED)
  • Encourage less food waste - eg. during Green Week we will have the Food Waste Challenge whereby each house weighs its students’ food waste from lunch

Targets for Energy:

  • Replace all inefficient regular bulbs with energy saving ones around the school (IN PROCESS)
  • Hang up posters and signs around the school
    -> In computer rooms asking students and teachers to switch off their monitors
    -> Above all light switches to encourage to save energy
  • Install light sensors in bathrooms to reduce energy waste (the lights in bathrooms are mostly ON, even when no-one inside)
  • Set up a group of Eco-Warriors in lower school - they will actively look out for the environment by notifying people when they’re not recycling wasting energy or harming the environment in any way

Targets for Health & Wellbeing:

  • Implement a healthier diet and supplementary physical exercises for our students
  • Take measures to reduce the number of bullying incidents
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Develop a closer relationship between student lower down the school with the PLT by promoting communication

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
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