To help run a successful house it is vital to have our elected house Captains. These pupils help organise events and teams to ensure we thrive

Attlee House

Attlee House at Haileybury Almaty has the colour yellow. Every member of the house is proud to be seen in their house tie and this creates a strong bond between pupils and staff.

Junior School

We are very proud of our heritage. We try our best at all times, just like our name sake, Clement Attlee, who was a British Prime Minister and founder of the National Health Service.

Mrs Abigail Dook is the Attlee Headmistress for the Junior School.

Senior School

Attlee has adopted a friendly and supportive atmosphere where pupils can develop socially within a family environment. Mr Whittaker ensures that Attlee House includes all pupils and encourages every member of the House to be involved.

Mr Giles Whittaker is the Attlee Housemaster for the Senior School.

House Assemblies will be held in the last week of each month. During the assemblies, details of House events will be shared; we will ensure that every member of Attlee participates as well as creating a sense of belonging.

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The school is currently closed for the summer holidays. You can find all the information on admission to school on our website in the "Admissions" section. We invite you to virtually visit our Junior School and Senior School portals.

At the moment, construction work is underway on the school grounds, in this regard, school tours are not possible until the end of July.

If you have any questions and would like to join our School, please contact the Admissions Team at  or write to WhatsApp +7 702 355 0100

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