Bartle Frere is named after Sir Henry Bartle Frere, Governor of Bombay and later High Commissioner of the Cape Colony. Its badge is that of a "blue moon thereupon a crimson moon" with House colours of crimson and blue.

Bartle Frere House

Bartle Frere house at Haileybury Almaty has the colours of crimson and blue, which reflect the house by the same name at Haileybury UK. Every member of the house is proud to be seen in their house tie and this creates a strong bond between Haileybury UK and Haileybury in Almaty.

Junior School

Peter Gooding began teaching at Haileybury in 2012 and became Bartle Frere House Master at the start of the 2015 2016 academic year. Peter is very proud of the enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by all members of Bartle Frere and looks forward to facing future challenges together as a house.

Senior School

Ms Aigerim Yessengaliyeva is the Housemistress for Bartle Frere in the Senior School and with her friendly and approachable manner has made the students feel part of a House where everyone is willing to get involved, be supportive and ask questions whenever unsure. The House Tutors and Student Leadership team are also working hard to make Bartle Frere a fully inclusive and supportive community in which every student can improve not only academically but also holistically. 

We have regular House events and competitions which offer opportunities to work together as a team, lead, communicate and most importantly have fun. Keep an eye on the school calendar for all the exciting events we have planned.

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