Edmonstone House

Edmonstone house at Haileybury Almaty has the colours of blue and white, which reflect the house by the same name at Haileybury UK. Every member of the house is proud to be seen in their house tie and this creates a strong bond between Haileybury UK and Haileybury in Almaty.


Edmonstone is named after Sir George Edmonstone, Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Province and Foreign Secretary to the Government of India during the Mutiny. Sir George held this post from 1859-1863, he was born in Calcutta India.

The house colours, mentioned earlier, are the blue and white of Trinity College Oxford, the college of Henry Couchman, Edmonstone's first Housemaster.

House character

As you walk around the school, you will see our children wearing their house ties. Edmonstonians take pride in their achievements, their good manners and their consideration for others.

Edmonstone encourages a sense of strong community where everyone is part of the team and make a contribution to our collective success.


A very big part of the day to day operations of the Houses at Haileybury is our pastoral responsibility. This looks at barriers to learning of any kind, this may be academic but other barriers to learning exist as well. The Haileybury Almaty House System is at the spear head of the solutions to these kinds of problems. Through a class based tutor system all of our class teachers in Junior School or class tutors in Senior School are equipped to provide pastoral support and assistance to any student who finds themselves in a difficult situation. 


The facilities at Haileybury in Almaty are second to none and we all feel very privileged to be able to learn and grow in such an extraordinary and well-resourced environment. With its backdrop if the Tien Shan mountains we have a spectacular setting in which to flourish.

Meet the Housemasters

This year we are very pleased to say that Charles Clarke is the Junior School House Master and Henry Wilkinson is the Senior School Master for Edmonstone. Please explore the Junior School and Senior School pages for more information on them and what they are up to in Edmonstone.

Junior School

Edmonstone House is the blue house and we are very proud of our heritage. A long standing House at Haileybury we continue the tradition in Almaty of never giving up. We try our best at all times. 

Charles Clarke | Junior School House Master

Charles Clarke began teaching at Haileybury in 2011 and became Edmonstone House Master at the start of the 2018 / 2019 academic year.

Charles is very proud to be associated with Edmonstone and its long and illustrious history.

Charles completed his Bachelor of Education in Primary Education Degree at St Martin’s in Carlisle and has taught in Manchester and the Middle East. Charles enjoys the pastoral side of his role very much and feels that it is the responsibility of everyone at Haileybury to ensure that children are given the opportunity to be what they are going to be.

Senior School

Edmonstone House is the blue house and we are very proud of our heritage. A long-standing House at Haileybury we continue the tradition in Almaty of never giving up. We try our best at all times.

Henry Wilkinson | Senior School House Master

Edmonstone House in the Upper School is lead by Henry Wilkinson. Prior to joining Haileybury Almaty, Mr Wilkinson spent four years at KTJ, a boarding school in Malaysia. Before moving into formal education, he volunteered part-time for a youth issues charity whilst working in journalism and communications in London and in Africa.


Edmonstone / Blue and White (Follow Edmonstone Instagram page)

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
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