Anger Management Strategies for Parenting

Time 15:00 | Presenter: Tebow, Director of Community Well- being. We are only human and anger will happen for both parent and child. Sometimes Anger is present on a daily basis or displayed in such a manner that we find it concerning: be it others or be it us. Most of us do not know exactly what to do with our own anger, let alone the anger of another. We tend to escalate or extend the anger by; joining in the chaos of the anger trying to correct it perhaps ignore/avoid it find a distraction from it appease it or medicate it However, none of these lead to a healthier relationship or to reduce the source of the anger. In this seminar we will look at the source of anger and how you can help your child better cope with and resolve anger effectively so that, he or she can move forward rather than getting trapped in a cycle of unresolved angry events.
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