Safeguarding and Child Protection Awareness Training

Presenter: Tebow, Director of Community Well- being We speak a lot about Child Protection and Safeguarding at Haileybury but what does that really mean? In this seminar, we will identify what strategies best allow our children to live and learn in a safe environment. How we can prepare our children and ourselves to be active participants in the Haileybury mission and our Duty of Care. We will explore what makes a child vulnerable as well as what can make an adult vulnerable. We will review the international standards of child protection on which our mission is built. We will better define things like abuse, neglect, transparency, due diligence, reporting, cyber safety, data protection, bullying vs conflict and compliance. Further, we will look at how to do all of this without living in crisis mode. The goal is to be informed and aware in such a way that each of us are engaged in response mode, rather than crisis or reaction mode. Join us and learn how we can keep the pupils of Haileybury safe.
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