TRANSITIONS: Preparing your child to leave home for University

Time 18:00 | Presenter: Tebow, Director of Community Well- being This seminar will reflect on the journey of having brought your child this far in their educational career: then looking to the journey that lies ahead. We will identify ways to prepare both you and your child for the changes that lay ahead. We will explore the design of the new shape of your role in parenting as well as the independence your child needs, to be prepared to take on life as a successful university student. In addition, we will discuss issues of how to prepare your child for the role they will play in managing the resources of finances, learning, time, social currency and self. We will examine parenting fears around your child’s new freedom in the choices they make and the results of those choices. Further, we will look at effective strategies of support for your child as they live at a distance, complete their stages of differentiation and create an independence that will reshape the way you and your child will communicate. The goal of this seminar to help both parent and child transition successfully into all that university life brings, as well as to build a healthy Adult- Child/ Parent relationship
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