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Jenny Owen, Coordinator of English Academy at Haileybury Almaty

Jenny Owen

Coordinator of English Academy at Haileybury Almaty
Welcome to the English Academy at Haileybury Kazakhstan. This is a new initiative designed for pupils who need intensive English language support when they join the school. The goal is to prepare them to learn in mainstream classes as quickly as possible. The English Academy allows them to be full members of our school community and take part in school life whilst benefiting from an individual programme of study.

Our teachers deliver personalised English programmes, individualised support and feedback while small groups create a highly supportive and focused learning environment.
Expectations are high here in the English Academy, therefore, pupils are strongly encouraged to demonstrate excellence, commitment and an outstanding attitude to learning.

Many of our pupils are working in English as an additional language and the School offers special support as required. The School’s Language and Learning department sees to the needs of each such pupil. Attendance in the English Academy is a prerequisite for some applicants, so that they do not struggle with the curriculum and are fully supported to achieve exam success.

The School also provides a special programme for scholars who join the school later in the Upper School and who require more intensive language support.

Learning in English at Haileybury Almaty:

Haileybury Almaty provides a broad and balanced curriculum aimed at ensuring all pupils are able to enter their first choice of the best worldwide universities.

All instruction is in English, with the exception of modern foreign language lessons. It is important that all pupils entering Haileybury Almaty are capable of accessing the full curriculum in order to meet or exceed academic expectations. Pupils applying to join Haileybury Almaty are therefore required to take an entrance test to assess their academic ability and level of English language.

Pupils who demonstrate academic ability but have not yet reached the required level of English may be offered a place at Haileybury Almaty but will be asked to undertake intensive English lessons to support their entry to the school. The English Academy provides pupils with the intensive English language instruction to enable them to access the full curriculum as soon as possible.

The English Academy explained:

The English Academy offers personalised and uniquely flexible learning programmes based on the English language needs of each pupil.

Pupils undertaking intensive English lessons with us will be placed in mainstream form groups as full members of the Haileybury Almaty community. They will participate in our rich CCA programme and house system with a core curriculum which allows for intensive English instruction.

In the English Academy, pupils are streamed based on an initial assessment and their curriculum adapted according to the number of additional hours tuition required. Our specialist teachers work closely with pupils to ensure they reach their goals as quickly as possible.

When our pupils are able to demonstrate that their English skills have developed, they begin the phased transition to the general curriculum, supported by our specialist teachers. Transition is arranged on an individual basis, in conjunction with Heads of School for continued pastoral and academic support.

We aim to place pupils in regular classes as quickly as possible while making certain that they are well-prepared for the demands of learning in English. Our goal is to ensure pupils are able to access the curriculum effectively and confidently, and to meet or exceed their academic potential.

The right choice for your child

Small classes

· Hastening language learning; becoming more competent with language use.

· Small classes provides pupils with more opportunities to participate and share their opinions.

· Helping our pupils become more confident.

· Teachers provide additional individualised support and

feedback to ensure pupils reach their potential.

Specialist tuition

· Led by a highly qualified native English specialist.

· Staffed by EAL experts.

· Provides the best combination of instruction to help pupils make progress.

A supportive environment

· Well-being of pupils is paramount.

· Experienced pastoral staff provide a supportive


· The English Academy offers ongoing support as pupils

transition to a full Haileybury curriculum

A global language

· The English Academy is a step towards mastery of the English language - helping to open doors to some of the best universities in the world.

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Meruyert Askatova, Admissions Director

Meruyert Askatova

Admissions Director

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British independent school in Haileybury Almaty

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

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