Kipling House is named after the legendary author and poet Rudyard Kipling, a former Haileyburian.

Kipling House

Kipling House is named after the legendary author and poet Rudyard Kipling, a former Haileyburian, most known for writing the novel ‘The Jungle Book’ amongst others and the icon poem ‘If’. Rudyard became the sixth person ever to become a Nobel Laureate having been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907. Many of his works are still relevant today and some have even been made into movies or adapted for use in 21st-century education.

Junior School

Kipling House in the Junior School has a very big part to play in our community. The staff and children of Kipling House are very proud of their Haileybury heritage and even prouder of their namesake, Rudyard Kipling. They apply all of the passion of his world famous poem into everything that they do and wear their green ties and t-shirts at events such as Sports Day with enormous pride.  

Senior School

Joshua Liversidge has been teaching at Haileybury Almaty for the past 5 years as a Geography teacher, Head of Key Stage and for the past 2 years Kipling Housemaster. He believes in giving each student the possibility to develop new skills and can be seen encouraging Kipling pupils to always go above and beyond. He is proud to be the Kipling Housemaster and looks forward to driving the house forwards, maintaining the strong service and musical ethos that already exists amongst students while developing new opportunities for all those involved in the Kipling community, including parents, staff and of course the students. He aims to drive a sense of belonging and pride amongst all in Kipling, setting an example for others within the school.

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03.08.2020 The School is now closed for the summer holiday. 

Dear Parents, 

I have written to you on a number of occasions recently and, as promised, I am pleased to share with you the full Campus reopening roadmap for our two Haileybury schools in Almaty and Nur-Sultan. 

As you can see, we have tried to cover every aspect of a safe and secure opening for our schools and we are confident that we have adopted the best practice from around the world.

However, please understand that this is a live document and is subject to change, adaptation and addition as we gain further information from around the world and indeed our own Ministry of Health and Education. 

In terms of exactly who we can welcome back onto campus at the start of the academic year, we continue to have a dialogue with the Ministry of Education, and we will clarify that as soon as we are officially informed. 

Kind regards,

Ian Hunt, Chairman of the Board of Governors

We are currently taking applications for a very limited number of new places for August 2020. If you would like to make an enquiry about joining our School, please visit the admissions page for details or contact the Admissions Team on