News from Maths Olympiads

News from Maths Olympiads

City Olympiads in various subjects were held last week in in Almaty during the winter break. Our pupils, having successfully passed the selection in the regional Olympiad in mathematics, took part inthe  city Olympiad and won prizes. This is a great achievement, and we congratulate our Haileybury Olympic team, led by Mr. Vladimir Zhuk, for their  deserved success!

Olympiad results are as follows:

Nurtas (Y12) and Shyngys (Y13) scored the most points and passed to the Republican Olympiad out of competition, as they are members of the national Olympic team of the Republic of Kazakhstan in mathematics

Bekzat (Y12) – 1st place

Yuri (Y10) – 1st place

We wish our pupils every success in the next stage, which is a Republican Olympiad in Mathematics.

Good luck!

Another Haileybury Almaty graduate goes to an Ivy League university!
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Fourth edition of Haileybury Almaty Student Gazette, a special newspaper written and illustrated by Senior School pupils, is now available!
Knowledge Day 2020 celebration
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