Nurtas, a silver medalist of the International Mathematics Olympiad spoke at the «Ел үміті» youth forum.

Nurtas, a silver medalist of the International Mathematics Olympiad, spoke at the «Ел үміті» youth forum.

On November 16, 2019 in Almaty the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized the «Ел үміті» youth forum. Young citizens of Kazakhstan who have achieved success in science, culture, sports, business and social activities participated in this event. Nurtas, a student of Haileybury Almaty, and one of the best students in the city, (a silver medalist of the International Mathematics Olympiad) spoke at the forum as a delegate from Almaty city.

Participation in events of a national scale shows not only the academic achievements of our students, but also their opportunities to clearly demonstrate the limitless potential of our younger generation.

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