Success story: Artur Turaliyev

Artur Turaliyev: personal growth depends on investment in yourself

Kazakhstani wunderkind, Artur Turaliyev, was awarded COBIS Best Technology, a special award given for his research and development of a fully functional skateboard using recycled paper. Artur’s project was selected as first in the world from 293 COBIS school from over 80 different countries. This is not the first time that his engineering skills have been recognised. 2017 Artur was graduated with honours from Haileybury Almaty, obtained a scholarship at one of the best technical universities in Great Britain, the Loughborough University to study mechanical engineering.

At the international British school Haileybury Almaty, where English is the language of instruction, Artur reached the highest grades in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He spent one whole summer building a skateboard, which meets all the standards of the Skateboarding Association. His creation is waterproof, can take a weight of 350lbs. Artur’s board cost $5 to make, where a similar board would cost $60 to buy in a shop. Artur is going to patent his idea and is even planning to use the same technology to make affordable furniture.

This is not the first time that his engineering skills have been recognized. In 2015 he designed a portable hydro-chemical power supply which won 1st place in the Best Innovation Project among School Children, which was run by the National Agency for Technological Development and the British Council. He also designed a portable water collector which won best Chemistry video 2016 in the Young scientist film award organized by COBIS.


In a remote interview with Express, Artur from England told a little bit more about himself.

Artur, how difficult was it to enter the Loughborough University?

– Loughborough University is one of the leading universities, ranking among the top ten by the Guardian University ranking. I started preparing for my entrance long before the start of the universities’ selection process. After Year 9 I knew where and what specialization I want to choose, and so I decided to go to the British school Haileybury Almaty for a two-year A level program. After receiving good grades during the first year of study and reaching IELTS 7.5/9, I applied to five British universities and almost immediately received offers from three of them.  

How difficult is it to study now?

Relocation and independent life in an unfamiliar country are definitely one of the most interesting adventures in my life. However, it was much easier than I thought. The university program and the student support service are designed to ensure smooth “transformation” of a student into an adult. Therefore, if you just follow the proceedings and try to use the maximum opportunities, then studying at the university becomes quite a simple task.  

Do you continue your research and developments?

As soon as I settled in the university, I immediately started looking for opportunities to participate in any scientific projects or studies. And at the moment I have already managed to join the computer simulation team to create a small robot. 

I also learned that university labs and power tools can be used for my own projects, so once I pass Health and Safety training, I plan to continue working on my own ideas and experiments. So, I hope, at the end of the university I will already have my own scientific works and patents.

When did you become interested in STEM subject and inventions? And what is your dream?

Unconventional thinking and passion for inventions appeared in my early childhood, when I spent hours building LEGO cars and robots. However, this hobby was only a direction, and the real foundation was laid by experience at the Physics and Mathematics school, participation in various Science Olympiads and competitions.  

From Year 3 I began to take part in Maths Olympiads, from Year 7 – Physics Olympiads, from Year 8 – Astrophysics, and in Year 9 I won a silver medal at the Republican Olympiad in Astrophysics. After all this, I had no doubt at all as to the question of my future specialization.   

Like many engineers, I dream to contribute to the development of society, using high-tech knowledge and creative thinking. Rationalization in the use of resources and energy is becoming more and more in demand in the field of engineering, and I hope to play a role in this area.  

What do you think our young people need to succeed like you?

As I myself have seen, I didnt differ much from my peers in quick wittedness skills or understanding. Almost each of them could also win Olympiad medals, win project competitions or enter the same university where I am currently studying. However, our main difference was diligence, motivation and strategic thinking. Since Year 7 I voluntarily spent almost evert attending special courses, studying what I like: Maths and Physics. And during holidays, devoted spare time to do experiments and projects.

Same as saving money in a bank account, personal growth depends on investment – investment in yourself. By investing more time and work, you get more value from life.

What would you like to do in the future? Are you going to continue your studies after the university?

Currently, I study on a five-year program, so-called sandwich course. Its essence is that after the second year of Bachelor’s degree, you work in the industry and then continue another two years of study. Therefore, after graduation, I will already have a small work experience that will help me to determine more accurately the company and specialization I want to work in. But even during work or after a certain period, I plan to continue studying.

What are your favorite hobbies, besides studying and inventions?

In addition to studying, I have enough time for many other interesting activities. I like skateboarding with my friends, play piano, dance and play table tennis.


Read about Arthur's life at Loughborought University

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