Results & Destinations

Results & Destinations

This page highlights the performance of Haileybury pupils at A Level and (I)GCSE, where the College has developed an exceptional reputation in recent years. As well as current year results, you can also search those for previous years.

A level results

A Level results 2019

A Level results 2018

A Level results 2017

A Level results 2016

A Level results 2015

A Level results 2014

A Level results 2013

I/GCSE results

I/GCSE results 2019

I/GCSE results 2018

I/GCSE results 2017

I/GCSE results 2016

I/GCSE results 2015

I/GCSE results 2014

I/GCSE results 2013

I/GCSE results 2012

I/GCSE results 2011


University of choice


University of choice

Ali Osman Boran

Oxford Brookes University, UK

Aruzhan Akhanova

Central St Martins University of Arts London UK

Volodymyr Kyselov

University College London, UK

Tamila Issabekova

Toronto University, Canada

Artyom Tiunelis

University of Leeds, UK

Anna Rakhilkina

OCAD University, Canada

Timur Usmanov

University of Bath, UK

Temirlan Aidaruly

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Inzhu Baibek

Glasgow School of Art, UK

Alma Abdraliyeva

Royal Holloway University of London UK

Aishabibi Ashimbekova

University of California at Berkeley, USA

Sabina Aitkozhina

American University of Dubai UAE

Alen Li

California Institute of the Arts, USA

Dariya Akan

Leiden University Netherlands

Dariya Baimagambetova

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Aruzhan Akchanova

Durham University UK

Sofia Arpaci

Parsons School of Design, USA

Amina Askarbek

Vienna University of Technology Austria

Yelnur Abilakim

Drexel University, USA

Shynggyskhan Bazarbay

Delft University Holland

Yelaman Sain

Fordham University, USA

Karina Bissenova

KU Leuven University Brussels campus

Zhahangir Batyrbekov

Millsaps College, USA

Anastassiya Gumenyuk

Les Roches School of Management Spain

Julia Fong

University of New Orleans, USA

Batuhan Harman

University of Bath UK

Smat Baitileuov

Bocconi University, Italy

Beibarys Kamzabek

Milan Italy

Dana Abylgazina

IE University, Spain

Valeriya Kim

Capilano University Canada

Mert Pektas

NHL Stenden, Netherlands

Ramina Krivich

Science Political University Paris France

Katya Nolan

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Gaukhar Maral

University of Manchester UK

lina Mukusheva

Post Qualification Application

William Moody

University of Vienna Austria

Sofya Motuz

Post Qualification Application

Timur Omarov

Shenzhen University Shenzhen China

Dinmukhamed Mailibay

Korean Advanced Institute of Science (KAIST), Korea

Medina Polat

Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands

Sanzhar Bidaibek

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Dinara Rakhimbayeva

Coventry University London Campus UK

Alua Iralina

KIMEP, Kazakhstan

Akezhan Sabykenov

Dalhousie University Canada

Dias Shayakhmet

University of Nottingham UK

Artur Turaliyev

Loughborough University UK

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