To help run a successful house it is vital to have our elected house Captains. These pupils help organise events and teams to ensure we thrive

Attlee House

Attlee House at Haileybury Astana wear the colour yellow. Every Attlee pupil is proud to be seen in their house tie and this creates a strong bond between pupils and staff. The House is named after Clement Attlee who, as Prime Minister of Great Britain after the Second World War, helped rebuild the country and founded the National Health Service.


Junior School

Mrs. Lauren Collins is the Attlee Housemistress for the Junior School and helps foster an environment where our pupils do their best to carry on the traditions of leadership, caring and succeeding against the odds.

Senior School

Mr. Andrew Palmer is the Attlee Housemaster for the Senior School. We help ensure that all pupils are encouraged to participate in and support every event. Attlee members are always proud to demonstrate their athleticism, their artistic and musical talent, and their unwavering support for their peers. Every pupil is encouraged to excel and be proud of their excellence.

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