Bartle Frere is named after Sir Henry Bartle Frere, Governor of Bombay and later High Commissioner of the Cape Colony. Its badge is that of a "blue moon thereupon a crimson moon" with House colours of crimson and blue.

Bartle Frere House

Bartle Frere House at Haileybury Astana has a red colour. Every member of the House is proud to wear their house tie and house shirt. The Reds always try their best in every school event and competition: they bring their heart, their soul, their passion. Bartle Frere is named after Sir Henry Bartle Frere, Governor of Bombay.

Senior School

Mr. Anuar Sharipov – is the Bartle Frere Housemaster for the Senior School. It’s his eighth year as a Housemaster of the Reds. He believes that his House is unique and cohesive because no matter what happens – they always stay united and support each other. The goal for each year is to strive for the best, keep that fantastic spirit and remain special traditions. 

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