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Eco - Schools - The programme explained

‘Eco-Schools’ is a Global programme, for environmental education, providing certification at an International level.

It is the biggest schools programme in the world, connecting 67 countries, 51 000 schools worldwide and the network grows daily.

‘Eco-Schools’ began 20 years ago.

It began in England, set up by the environmental charity; ‘Keeping Britain Tidy’.

Then, in 1992, in response to the needs highlighted in a UN Conference, that focused on Environment and Development, Eco-Schools International was formed by the FEE.

Eco-schools is student-led.

The Programme is real-world learning. It is designed to empower students, the school and wider community, with environmental education, by focusing on set themes.

Its aim is to improve awareness of our global environment, improve the schools carbon footprint and to provide financial saving for the school.

Schools follow a simple seven-step process, that forms the criteria for the Green – flag award.

There are three awards that are attainable, Bronze, Silver and the Green-flag award.

The Bronze and Silver awards are recognition of the steps towards the Green-flag status.

Introducing the New Senior Eco-School's team

We are proud to say that the Haileybury Astana team are an Eco-friendly and quiet environmentally savvy community.

Let's welcome our new Eco Team and wish them all the luck in fulfilling their environmental goals.

The team have shared some great ideas of their passions and enthusiasm for this academic year. Some ideas include....monitoring the paper waste, our use of energy, raising awareness about what materials can be recycled and organizing more collections of materials and products to support our local community.
We hope our Haileybury family can support us in making our future a greener one.

British independent school in Haileybury Astana
Amy Rowe, Eco-Schools Coordinator

Amy Rowe

Eco-Schools Coordinator
My passion for the environment stems from the enjoyment I take from spending time with my family outdoors in clean parks, by the sea on beautiful beaches and on treks through the Lakes breathing fresh clean air. The aforementioned is a privilege that we often take for granted; however, it is not a privilege afforded to everyone, and I know this to be true having previously lived in one of the most polluted cities in the world.

The importance of protecting the environment is vital to the quality of our future, and we all have a shared responsibility to ensure that the future is bright for all. We can all make a difference daily, maybe without even realising. Turning the tap off when we brush our teeth saves water, using bins effectively by separating our rubbish and not littering can literally save lives. Small changes like these can save the lives of our marine life, nature and ultimately, us.

At Haileybury, I believe that by giving our pupils the opportunity to be involved with this programme, we are encouraging our pupils to recognise their responsibilities and allowing them to function as global citizens. My initial aims are to change attitudes and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment within our school community. My long-term goals are to achieve Green-flag status by June 2019 and to take our ideas beyond our school walls, to educate our wider community, and for the Haileybury community to be recognised for its commitment to the environment.
Kate Silvanus, Eco-Schools Program Deputy

Kate Silvanus

Eco-Schools Program Deputy
I am very proud to be part of the Primary Eco Team and the positive changes that are taking place at Haileybury Astana. It has been so fantastic to see the children embrace eco issues and become more conscious of environmental matters, such as conserving energy and thinking about waste in school. Changing mind-sets has been key this year and hopefully we have helped children, and adults, see that one small change can make a difference. I am now looking forward to helping implement future eco plans in school. I am also very excited to see our hard work pay off and the Green Flag flying outside!

Climate Change Awareness

A very current topic in the news at the moment is the climate crisis and many of you will be aware of 16 year old Greta Thunberg’s efforts to address this with world leaders. School children in 150 countries around the world have been showing their support by protesting about climate change.

All children in KS2 and the senior school met together on Friday, September 27th to show their support for this worldwide movement.

Each class in KS2 designed a large poster about factors which contribute to climate change and the action we can take. Watch out for these posters that will soon be displayed in school.

Passionate pupils in the Senior school also shared their voice by writing and reciting short speeches to raise awareness of this global crisis.

British independent school in Haileybury Astana
British independent school in Haileybury Astana
British independent school in Haileybury Astana
British independent school in Haileybury Astana

Eco Song

Key Achievements 2018 - 2019

  1.  Assemblies to encourage and educate pupils and staff about the importance of protecting our environment
  2. Eco Quiz - Run weekly throughout Junior and Senior school
  3. Recycling Bins in every class room
  4. Monitoring Energy usage - Whole school (Best Junior school class at saving energy awarded weekly - Best class of the term, from each year group, chose an animal to sponsor through WWF)
  5. Eco Bricks - Whole school involvement - Furniture made was displayed on Haileybury Family Day 2019
  6.  Liaising and supporting the local community      

              - Company collect waste paper to recycle
             - Monitoring food waste - Donating edible waste to a local Animal Shelter

  7. Using Biodegradable waste for the new Forest area in KS1
  8. Developing a Forest area in KS1 - including a mud kitchen
  9. Planting trees - One for every year group
  10. Eco Song - Lead by Year 8 pupils, Junior school pupils performed - - Recognizing international environmental days:
             - Haileybury Eco Day 2018 / Haileybury Family Day 2019; Celebrations of World Recycling Day and World Oceans Day

             - World Water Day; Raising money for international organisations, such as 'WaterAid' and '4Ocean' 

             - World Earth Day - Giant Art piece in KS2 area - Hand prints and messages from all pupils in the Junior school

  11. House competitions - Designing our Eco Code, Posters for the bathroom as a reminder to save water, Trash Fashion show (part of Haileybury Day 2018) 
  12. Trips: To 'Kaz Recycle' - Nur-Sultan's only Waste processing plant
  13. Curriculum links; Key topics taught within the classroom, with some fantastic artwork being created; 

                - Year 5: 'Going Global'

                - Kindergarten: 'Ocean Treasures'

                - Kindergarten - Year 6: 'Water - A Wonderful World'

                - Year 7: '4Ocean'

Future plans

September 2019: Introduction to the Eco Schools. Assemblies for Junior and Senior schools. Introduction to Eco Quizzes. Set up Eco Board

October 2019: World Food Day October 16th. Introduce Eco decorations Homework task after half term. Eco Code competition

November 2019: Meat Free Day linked to World Vegan Month

December 2019: Eco Fayre. House event to sell decorations made out of recycled materials

February 2020: 17th Feb Assembly Senior For March Eco Days

March 2020: World Recycling Day - 18th; World Water Day - 22nd; Earth Hour 28th; Junior and Senior Assemblies/activity wb.9th

April 2020: Earth Day 22nd April Junior and Senior assemblies/activity wb.13th April.

May 2020: Eco House Quiz; 11th May Senior Assembly For June Days

June 2020: World Environment Day 5th June/World Oceans Day 8th June. Junior and Senior assemblies/activity

Ongoing Weekly Activities: Junior School

- Eco News CCA:Y3-6. Children report on Eco news in and around the school and hot global topics to create a Eco newsletter to be included once a month in Friday's whole school parental newsletter. Topics discussed on the radio

- Eco Bricks CCA: Y3-6 Eco brick making throughout the year to turn into usable furniture pieces.

- Fortnightly Eco Quizzes

- Class Eco Monitors - monitor food waste/classroom waste/energy usage/help with assemblies and events

Ongoing Weekly Activities: Senior School

- Monitoring and weighing of Recycling boxes in all classrooms - whole school

- Fortnightly Eco Quizzes

- Eco Monitors - monitor classroom waste/energy usage/help with assemblies and events

British independent school in Haileybury Astana


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