Green grass as an alternative energy source

Green grass as an alternative energy source

TV Channel "Khabar 24" aired the program about the saving water in Kazakhstan and Eco school concept.

Vladislav Vintenbakh, Haileybury Astana IB student tells about his project "Green grass as an alternative energy source". It is a huge innovation project in the field of alternative energy.

Full program is available:

Green grass as an alternative energy source is a huge innovation project in the field of alternative energy. The era of traditional energy sources including oil and gas is rapidly coming to an end, so the idea is highly applicable to the current situation in Kazakhstan and rest of world with no foreseeable risks. Therefore, its original aim is to improve the ecological well being of particular regions and make sure that conventional energy sources are safely backed up.

The underlying science of the project is in basic principles of chemistry and biology. Cutting the long story short, products of photosynthetic activity during the process of grass growth can be “recycled” by bacteria. The process of recycling causes chemical reactions involving salts and bases to occur. These are the reactions creating the electromotive force and thus generating electric current.

Recent hundreds of years have seen many of the energy sources being replaced by newer ones. And the reason was not the fact that the old source wasn't available anymore. Green grass can be seen as an easy to handle, environmentally friendly and good looking renewable energy source. It's important to note that 5 square meters of grass may be estimated to be enough to supply 1 square meter of household. Having future optimization and improvement considered (for example, growing rice instead of grass which is also possible), green grass is a breakthrough. 

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