Junior Eco Warriors

Today the Junior Eco Warriors have been making Eco bricks in their lunchtime CCA. 

We want to thank all the Junior School children who have been bringing in plastic and plastic bottles, so that we can make Eco bricks and also Thank you to the children and parents who have been making Eco bricks at home.

We have been so surprised at the amount of plastic that cannot be recycled and you can see how important it is that we fill the Eco brick with as much plastic as possible. 

We look forward to using the finished bricks to build something the primary school children can use.

Haileybury Astana Parents’ Organization Litter-Picking Initiative
We are proud to share that our pupils spent time on the weekend collecting litter at Maybalyk Lake.
Haileybury Astana Pupils received over $1 million in university scholarship
This academic year was extremely successful for our IB pupils who received $1 million in university scholarships from universities all around the world.
Art Competition: Shortlisted Artworks
Congratulations to Aida whose artwork was shortlisted at the Art Competition!
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