Bartle Frere House

Bartle Frere house at Haileybury Almaty has the colours of crimson and blue, which reflect the house by the same name at Haileybury UK. Every member of the house is proud to be seen in their house tie and this creates a strong bond between Haileybury UK and Haileybury in Almaty.


Bartle Frere is named after Sir Henry Bartle Frere, Governor of Bombay and later High Commissioner of the Cape Colony. Its badge is that of a "blue moon thereupon a crimson moon" with House colours of crimson and blue.

House character

As you walk around the school, you will see our children wearing their house ties. Members of Bartle Frere are known for their pride in their achievements, good sportsmanship and teamwork.
Bartle Frere encourages a strong sense of pride in every aspect of school life and building a team spirit, where every member of the house makes a contribution to our goals.


The facilities at Haileybury in Almaty are second to none and we all feel very privileged to be able to learn and grow in such an extraordinary and well-resourced environment. With its backdrop if the Tien Shan mountains we have a spectacular setting in which to flourish.

Meet the Lower School Housemasters

Peter Gooding began teaching at Haileybury in 2012 and became Bartle Frere House Master at the start of the 2015 2016 academic year. Peter is very proud of the enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by all members of Bartle Frere and looks forward to facing future challenges together as a house. Peter completed his PGCE in Primary Education at Swansea University and has taught in Cardiff and China. Peter is passionate about the pastoral side of his role and feels the house system helps to develop the child as a whole, setting the child up for life by developing the Haileybury Habits.

Lower School


Upper School

Through a love for Mathematics and Physics, Mr Pandya read Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield before going on to work for Mad Science, an educational company specialising in scientific workshops that inspire and motivate students of all ages. It was here that his passion for teaching began and he decided to return to university as a postgraduate in order to train as a Mathematics teacher. Whilst working in England, Mr Pandya was fascinated by the journey young people take in order to learn, and subsequently continued on from his PGCE to achieve a Masters in Education.

At Haileybury Almaty, Mr Pandya enjoys being involved with the wider community and being part of a House system that is an integral part of the school's commitment to nurture a happy and positive learning environment where everyone is valued. As Senior House Master, he aims to develop strong and positive relationships, not only with the pupils, but also with parents as part of his responsibility to ensure that every child strives for academic success, is cared for within a thorough pastoral system, and is ultimately on the path to taking their position as future global leaders.

Haileybury Astana и Haileybury Almaty поддерживают благополучие и защиту молодежи. В рамках процесса найма новых сотрудников мы требуем от всех заявителей прохождения полицейских проверок и проверки DBS U.K. , также применяя в работе четкие протоколы по мерам защиты и безопасности.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
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