Результаты Британской Олимпиады по математике

The British Maths Olympiad Round 1 is a very prestigious competition, whereby a number of students are selected from the previous round if they have accumulated enough marks. The previous round is called the UKMT (United Kingdon Mathematics Trust) Senior Mathematics Challenge and is open to all schools in the UK and abroad, affiliated to UKMT.

Congratulations to the following pupils for achieving such a great results!

Makhmut – distinction, 34 points;
Batyrkhan – distinction, 33 points;
Aibek – merit, 12 points;

In order to then progress to The British Maths Olympiad Round 2, a student has to have accumulated 33 or more points in round 1 - both Makhmut and Batyrkhan have accomplished this. They will be given a medal and a book prize from UKMT.

We are proud of our pupils who showed impressive results, and became one of the first Haileybury pupils who have gotten this far in the competition.

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