IGCSE Options Evening — British School Haileybury Almaty

IGCSE Options Evening

It was a great pleasure to welcome so many pupils and parents to the IGCSE Options Evening held on Wednesday night. The evening started with interesting speeches from Alex and Sophie, our visiting MIT students, who told us about their personal journeys to becoming students at one of the world's leading Universities. This gave us a reminder about how exciting this time is for our Removes pupils selecting their subjects for next year and taking their first major steps towards gaining the qualifications needed to follow in Alex or Sophie’s footsteps.

All our staff in Upper School are passionate about their subject areas, and enjoyed being able to discuss the advantages of their specialism personally with parents and pupils. We hope it was a useful evening for those that attended

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11-сынып оқушылары Әнуар Құл Мұхаммед пен Алинур Саят бастаған бұл топ бұған дейін Монреаль, Алматы және Нью-Делиде өткен БҰҰ моделінің дебаттарына қатысқан.
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