At Haileybury Almaty, there is a deep belief that happy pupils have the best chance of being successful.

Through the introduction of a vertically structured House system, divided by age, Haileybury Almaty inherently has the framework required to ensure that each individual pupil is supported and known throughout their time at the school. Within a growing community, we are fortunate to be increasing our facility infrastructure, and through the work of the Heads of House, House Tutors and School Counsellor, a small school close-knit environment is preserved within the context of a flourishing international school context.

Through a love for Mathematics and Physics, Mr Pandya read Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield before going on to work for Mad Science, an educational company specialising in scientific workshops that inspire and motivate students of all ages. It was here that his passion for teaching began and he decided to return to university as a postgraduate in order to train as a Mathematics teacher. Whilst working in England, Mr Pandya was fascinated by the journey young people take in order to learn, and subsequently continued on from a PGCE to a Masters in Education.

At Haileybury Almaty, Mr Pandya enjoys being involved with the wider community and being part of a pastoral system that is integral to the school's commitment to nurture a happy and positive learning environment where everyone is valued. He aims to develop strong and positive relationships, not only with the pupils, but also with parents as part of his responsibility to ensure that every child strives for academic success, is cared for within a thorough pastoral system and is ultimately on the path to becoming future global leaders.

As Deputy Head Pastoral, Mr Pandya oversees:

  • Safeguarding
  • Wellbeing
  • The Senior School
  • House
  • University Applications
School Counsellor

Lidiya Beisembayeva

Originally from Almaty, Lidiya studied psychology and trained in the United States, and has recently worked in public health with an international aid agency. In particular, Lidiya is looking forward to the upcoming academic year, working with pupils across the school and creating a safe and happy place at Haileybury Almaty.
As School Counsellor, Lidiya is available to support with:

- Accessing learning and maintaining progress during lessons (low concentration or motivation, memory or attention).
- Difficulties in communication with peers, parents or teachers.
- Challenges pupils may be facing in terms of their sleep or diet.
- Negative emotions (anger, fear, frustration, guilt).
- Group counselling sessions to develop empathy, social skills and healthy relationships.
- Attainment of academic, social, emotional and behavioural goals.
- Individual counselling sessions, meetings and educational workshops for parents.
Lidiya Beisembayeva

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