Art exhibition

The mixed media installation was inspired by the work of the very talented American artist Swoon. The students created contextual research in their sketchbooks before embarking on creating portraits in the style of the Russian expressionists using friends, family and local residents in Almaty as their subjects. After lots of experiments and investigations, they selected a final portrait which they scaled up to A0 size. These portrait paintings were then carefully transferred on to wooden panels which were cut out. Each wooden portrait piece became part of the installation. Swoon uses lots of pattern in her art work, so the students decided to use Kazakh and traditional Russian patterns to decorate panels that hung from the floor and ceiling. The installation was set up in the Haileybury Drama Studio and it looked beautiful! A stunning work that showcased the talents of our Year 13 Fine Art students!

Students names are: Sofiya Aparci, Inzhu Baibek & Anna Rakhilkina. And their inspiring Art teacher – Amy Hetherington.
Visit of Mr Alan Hamson, Ambassador of Canada to Kazakhstan
Кеше Haileybury Almaty мектебіне Канаданың Қазақстандағы елшісі Mr Alan Hamson арнайы қонақ болып келді.
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Неліктен болашақ қаржыгерге Нью-Йоркте тұру маңызды және Кембридж емтиханы бойынша ең жоғарғы балл алу үшін не істеу керек.
Hearts & Wings Haileybury журналының жаңа шығарылымы
Сіздердің назарларыңызға, біздің оқушыларымыз шығаратын Haileybury Gazette жаңартылған Hearts & Wings ("Жүректер мен Қанаттар") деп аталатын жаңа нұсқасын ұсынамыз.
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