Christmas Gifts delivery to the Orphanage

Last Sunday, we went to the Solnyshko House to deliver all the gifts you so generously donated

There was a bus and van full of items to take to the elderly and the orphans. Students helped in organising, wrapping, and packing the gifts on the bus. The individual cards were handed out that had been made by our Junior School Students. Then the gifts were distributed to huge smiles and delighted children. We were not able to go into the Elderly house due to Covid concerns. Pictures of that will be coming soon.

We were so grateful for the 500,000 tenge that the Halieybury Parents association donated to our cause. This was the money that was raised by the Winter Festival in December.

Many thanks to Ms Gaukhar, Ms Virginia, and whole Haileybury Community for your support and care of the Solnyshko House Christmas Project. Your generosity and concern truly made a bright and happy day for them.

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