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Haileybury Almaty Primary Talent Show

Haileybury Almaty Primary Talent Show

At the end of the term we embarked on the event that shows the talents of the Haileybury Junior School students. The event is a showcase that gives the children the opportunity to push themselves to new heights and show the Haileybury Habits in abundance. We had a range of performances from Bartle Frere, Edmonstone, Attlee and Kipling which really did make this year’s event a truly spectacular treat. We had the usual band performances which were outstanding ad of course amazing dancing across a range of genres but this year the ‘’Pot Luck” category was awesome. We had solo ball room dancing, a magic show and two stand-up comics.

The performers and performances were so good that the judges could not separate the acts that they had seen and so for the first time in Haileybury history the winners were everyone with each house getting the coveted 200 House Points and each performer getting a blue card for amazing entertainment.

We are all very proud of our performers but each House was very proud to have made a spectacular performance and to have also been a create audience. Special thanks needs to be given to the parents who have put so much effort into making the event a success behind the scenes.

As we head towards term 2 and look back we can be sure of one thing and that is that this Junior School Talent Show will be very hard to follow.

Primary Talent Show

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