This week all international schools around the world celebrate School Counsellors Week

Have you already met Ms Lidiya, Haileybury Almaty school counsellor?

As School Counsellor, Lidiya is available to support with:

- Accessing learning and maintaining progress during lessons (low concentration or motivation, memory or attention).
- Difficulties in communication with peers, parents or teachers.
- Challenges pupils may be facing in terms of their sleep or diet.
- Negative emotions (anger, fear, frustration, guilt).
- Group counselling sessions to develop empathy, social skills and healthy relationships.
- Attainment of academic, social, emotional and behavioural goals.
- Individual counselling sessions, meetings and educational workshops for parents.

Often mental health is viewed as something dark, confusing and shameful. The Haileybury counselling services aim to transform any negative misconception into an exciting discovery towards happiness, self-development and high self-esteem.

Ultimately, mental health influences how we feel about ourselves and others and how we interpret events. It affects our capacity to learn, to communicate, to form and to sustain relationships. It also influences our ability to cope with change, transition and life events. And it is critical to have available counselling support for pupils to guide them through questions and transitions.

Ms. Lidiya – a mental health and wellbeing counsellor -  supports each student through whatever transition and life stage they are experiencing. The counsellor is available to each student for a 1:1 session or a group discussion – all confidential – and she could be reached at

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