Trip to Chamberlain Country Club — British School Haileybury Almaty

Trip to Chamberlain Country Club

Trip to Chamberlain Country Club

Nine boys, eight girls and three members of staff attended a residential at the Chamberlain Country Club from the 20th September, Friday evening to the 22nd Sunday morning. The objective of the residential was to instil team building within the lower six.


The pupils were treated to a film on the first night showing that the first horses to be domesticated came from Kazakhstan. Saturday started off with a morning workout followed by a hearty breakfast. The administrator then took us on a journey into the world of horses, where there was an excursion around Chamberlain. Team building with horses was received well by everyone and the sixth formers were able to lead a horse around a simple course with any reins or touching the horse.



There was an archery contest where the eventual winner Ivan beat Maya by hitting the gold. The pupils were able to have free time to get to know each other and their peers with activities such as swimming and football. The day was well rounded off by toasting amongst other things, Russian marshmallows.


The pupils were highly praised by the administrator and he said they were the best behaved and engaging pupils he has had to deal with.


The star of the residential was Richard, who arranged his peers and was always willing to be involved. To be honest all our pupils were stars.

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