Food and Nutrition

"At Haileybury Astana, we believe that food nourishes the body and inspires the soul, making quality and variety our daily promise"

Welcome to the Food and Nutrition page of Haileybury Astana

At Haileybury Astana, we understand that food is not just fuel but a vital part of our community and daily life. Our commitment to quality and variety ensures that every meal is a highlight for our students and staff. We believe that food education is just as important as the meals themselves. By fostering a love for good food and understanding its impact on overall well-being, we prepare our students for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

Great Flavor Healthy Impact

A Culinary Experience to Remember

Dining together in our vibrant Dining Hall is one of the key elements of life at Haileybury Astana. Each day, we offer a rich assortment of delicious and nutritious meals, ranging from freshly-prepared soups and fragrant bread to flavorful fish, an extensive vegan and vegetarian selection, and a wide array of fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables.
Our food is not just sustenance, it is an experience that brings our community together.
A Culinary Experience to Remember

Exceptional Quality

Haileybury Astana is renowned for the exceptional quality of its food. Our dedicated team of chefs takes great pride in preparing meals with the freshest ingredients, ensuring that every bite meets our high standards. From hearty soups made from scratch to artisan breads, our commitment to quality is evident in every dish.

Diverse and Healthy Choices

Our menus are thoughtfully crafted to offer a wide range of options that cater to various tastes and dietary needs. Each day, students can enjoy a variety of nutritious meals, including vibrant salads, flavorful meat and a broad selection of vegetarian dishes. Our goal is to provide balanced meals that support the health and well-being of our students.

Culinary Education and Exploration

Beyond daily meals, our food program includes special themed days and educational workshops on nutrition and healthy eating habits. These initiatives allow students to explore global cuisines and learn the importance of good nutrition. At Haileybury Astana, we believe that great food fosters community, enhances well-being, and provides valuable life skills.

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