“Over these nine years, there were a lot of transformations and a lot of improvements for the school.”
Haileybury Astana pupil
“There were a lot of opportunities which are offered to students to go to the best universities in the world.”
Haileybury Astana pupil
“Our teachers supported us through the way and helped us with the online learning.”
Haileybury Astana pupil
“We had a lot of support from our teachers, especially from our university counselor who helped us step by step to write our personal statements.”
Haileybury Astana pupil
"I liked the level of support here when I first came to Haileybury Astana."
"I am happy that my children study in such a friendly environment."
"The learning environment is uniformly pleasant, visually appealing, and colorful."
Dr. Kenneth Imperato, Former Deputy Principal Chair of American International School, NEASC
A Haileybury Education: The most important gift you can ever give to your children
"I sincerely love our school and I’m proud that my children study here."
"I really like that teachers pay attention to the personality and talents of each child."
About Haileybury Astana
Haileybury Astana is located in a beautiful, natural park and site, along the bank of The Ishim river. A wide range of modern facilities include a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, sports hall, dance and performing arts studio, music recording studio
We warmly invite you to come and see what makes Haileybury such a special place: to be dazzled by the vast array of activities and opportunities that await your child
Visit our spectacular grounds which provide the backdrop to first-class facilities where excellent teaching and superb pastoral care take place
The Haileybury Astana IB Full and Partial Scholarship Competition for 2021-2023
We are happy to announce that the registration for The Haileybury Astana IB Full and Partial Scholarship Competition for 2021-2023 (academic years 12-13) is open!
A great Day in Year 1
In Year 1 the children have been learning about living things in their local environment.
Blitz Poll
We are happy to share with you a short teaser of Headmaster’s Talk series
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