“Sport, has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.’ (Nelson Mandela, 2000)”

The Sports Department at Haileybury offers the programmes listed below: these programmes run throughout the year and permit the opportunity for development from beginners to more advanced learners at a competitive level, locally, regionally and nationally.  We believe in inclusivity and the pursuit of excellence in coaching and pupil development.

We are full members of the Confederation of Astana Schools and Headteachers (COASH). This organisation is responsible for the development of both sporting and academic disciplines amongst International Schools in Nursultan.

  • Basketball

At Haileybury Astana we offer both junior and senior basketball opportunities. These programmes focus on the development of specific fitness for basketball as well as fundamental skills for the sport. We have clubs for beginners as well as more advanced learners from Year 3 to Year 13. The latter are involved in our extra-curricular sport for both the Junior National Basketball Association and COASH Competitions throughout the academic calendar.

  • Football/Futsal

The football and futsal programmes run from Year 3 through to Year 13. Our coaches have a lot of experience in both the UK and Kazakhstan having a successful record of development at both the foundation and elite level of coaching. We are committed to inclusivity within these clubs, we also offer opportunities for the pursuit of excellence in the sport. COASH is a main focus of the clubs; we also compete in local, regional and national events throughout the year.

  • Swimming

Our swimming programme uses the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) of Swim England to monitor and assess progress; these levels run from level 1 to 9. This identifies beginners through to the level of excellence in the sport. Our coaches have many years of experience with all types of swimmers; our programme is therefore suitable for all swimmers with various levels of ability. Presently, our programme runes from Year 3 to 13.

  • Badminton

Haileybury Astana is involved in competitive badminton through COASH. The programme is offered from Years 7-13 inclusive. Our focus is the development of both fundamental and advanced skills for the sport. We also work, as with all sports, on the development of strength and conditioning that is specific to badminton. We focus on developing an understanding of the rules and tactics for both singles and doubles.   

  • Table tennis

The programme focuses on the development of fundamental skills for table tennis as well as developing an understanding of the rules and tactics for both singles and doubles. We are involved competitively with other International schools in the community through COASH. The programme is inclusive and also aimed at the opportunity to develop an autonomous level of skill acquisition. The programme runs from Year 7 to 13. 

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The School is currently closed. We are delivering a full Programme of remote online education to all of our pupils until the end of the academic year on June 18th. The School has not had any confirmed cases of the coronavirus amongst either its pupils or staff; the closure is a result of the Government’s direction.

We are taking applications for a very limited number of new places for August 2020. If you would like to make an enquiry about joining our School, the Admissions Team are contactable on admissions@haileyburyastana.kz or by telephone +7 777 522 45 43