Haileybury Astana

Haileybury Astana opened in September 2012 and is located at Ivan Panfilov St 4, Astana. It is a non-profit organisation originally funded by a charitable donation from its founders. The School is managed by the Board of Governors which is composed of representatives from Haileybury UK and the Kazakhstan Founders. The school has a partner school in Almaty and is part of the wider Haileybury Schools Group. In 2011 the school underwent institutional accreditation by the International Accreditation and Rating Agency of Kazakhstan and received full accreditation status.


'To provide our community with an educational experience that enables our students to fulfil their potential academically, physically, culturally, and socially within a global and future context.'

School Goals 

  1. To develop pupils who are resilient, creative, independent, courageous, inquisitive and reflective in all that they do in a safe and caring environment.
  1. To encourage the Haileybury Habits and IBO Learner Profile through a curriculum which covers a broad and balanced range of subjects, extra-curricular activities, visits and special events.
  1. To develop pupils who always try to understand the difference between right and wrong; their rights and responsibilities as global citizens and the need to give back to society, while encouraging both self-awareness and teamwork.
  1. To reflect in ethos and activity the traditions, values, heritage and cultural diversity of the Republic of Kazakhstan and of Haileybury Schools and a commitment to intercultural and international learning. 
  1. To provide a technologically and innovation-rich environment with successful academic outcomes achieved through strong teaching and learning.

School Strategic Objectives

Our strategic planning process is always about the future and invariably builds on Haileybury Astana’s past and present accomplishments. One outcome of this process is confirmation that we start from a position of great strength. We have an outstanding faculty and administration, and a community of responsible and engaged students. We have sound financial health and a robust curriculum that promotes skills essential for future success. From this fortunate position, we are able to aspire to achieve even greater heights.

Our community identified five key Strategic Objectives to translate the Haileybury Astana mission and vision into practice. These initiatives specify concrete steps for advancing Haileybury Astana as an inclusive, student-centred community in the coming years.

The five Strategic Objectives are:

  • Our Teaching and Learning 
  • Our Wellbeing
  • Our Community
  • Our Sustainability
  • Our Innovation

Each of these represents our medium- and long-term objectives as a school. All objectives are interlinked, specifying key areas to advance Haileybury Astana’s mission and vision. Uniting the school community around our vision and future direction is necessary to facilitate each student’s growth through personalised, student-centred learning. To achieve these objectives, we recognize the importance of optimising school systems that increase the flexibility of resources – including space, scheduling, time, and technology. Finally, by implementing these five objectives we can advocate for and support each student’s intellectual, physical, and social-emotional health in partnership with students and families.

Haileybury Almaty

Haileybury Almaty opened in 2008, in association with Haileybury in the United Kingdom. This not-for-profit educational project was inspired by a philanthropic group of Kazakhstani businessmen. Haileybury Almaty offers a broad, holistic liberal education in the best traditions of British independent schooling. Pupils are prepared for Advanced Levels (A levels), which enable them to apply to and enter the best universities both abroad and in Kazakhstan.

Haileybury UK

The school was established in 1862 and is situated on a beautiful 500 acre campus just 20 miles north of London. Haileybury offers modern boarding and day provision for pupils aged 11-18.

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