News and Events

Haileybury Astana Model United Nations Conference

from 18.01.2020

Alien visited Crèche

from 11.12.2019

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader

from 05.12.2019

ASA Christmas Charity Bazaar at the Radisson Hotel

from 04.12.2019

Christmas Music Festival

from 04.12.2019

Science experiments in Reception

from 03.12.2019

Success stories of Haileybury Astana Leavers 2019

from 29.11.2019

IB Full and Partial Scholarship Competition for 2020-2022

from 27.11.2019

MUN Conference in Nur-Sultan

from 25.11.2019

Zhania Murzalina, student of Haileybury Astana: Ecology and economics - interconnected concepts

from 06.11.2019

Y 10-13 Science Trip to New York

from 18.10.2019

New Headmaster of Haileybury Astana from September 2020

from 15.10.2019

CIS International University Fair

from 08.10.2019

Climate Change Awareness

from 27.09.2019

Year 6 Geography Field Trip

from 24.09.2019

Haileybury Mile

from 23.09.2019

Key Stage 1 House Assembly

from 20.09.2019

Open Mornings at Haileybury Astana

from 18.09.2019

Year 2 Visit to the Pyramid Park

from 17.09.2019

House Captains 2019-20

from 16.09.2019

Year 5 History Detectives

from 13.09.2019

Year 11 International Award trip

from 12.09.2019

Open Mornings at Haileybury Astana

from 10.09.2019

IGCSE and IB results success story

from 04.09.2019

Haileybury Astana Music Concert

from 04.09.2019

Newsletter 29 August 2019

from 29.08.2019

The third cohort of IB students to Haileybury Astana Sixth Form

from 28.08.2019

Knowledge Day 2019

from 26.08.2019

Speech Day Ceremony

from 14.06.2019

Musical Alladin

from 12.06.2019

Senior School Sports Day

from 11.06.2019

Haileybury's Got Talent 2019

from 10.06.2019

Sponge Bob Performance

from 06.06.2019

Teachers on Trek – Charity Campaign called “Help Almas”

from 07.03.2019

The 3rd Haileybury Astana ICEsteddfod

from 27.02.2019

COBIS Conference for Marketing, Development and Admissions 2019

from 26.02.2019

New Sports Centre Grand Opening

from 18.02.2019

Junior Eco Warriors

from 29.01.2019

Astana Burns Supper 2019

from 19.01.2019

Maths Open Morning

from 18.01.2019

Charity News

from 18.01.2019

New Headmaster at Haileybury Astana

from 07.01.2019

Grand Prix

from 05.01.2019


from 11.12.2018

Golden Assembly

from 11.12.2018

Junior Mangahigh medal winners

from 07.12.2018

Congratulations to Aigerim Satimova!

from 07.12.2018

IGCSE Exams Celebration

from 04.12.2018

International School Awards 2019

from 03.12.2018

Christmas Charity Bazaar 2018

from 02.12.2018

STEM Olympiad 2018

from 24.11.2018

Meeting with KAZTEST

from 22.11.2018

Remembrance Sunday

from 11.11.2018

‘Our youngest learners: our future leaders’

from 09.11.2018


from 09.11.2018

Film by the Embassy of Japan

from 31.10.2018

Trip to NASA

from 30.10.2018

The Pampers Drive

from 19.10.2018

Golden Assembly

from 16.10.2018

UK Networking Evening

from 12.10.2018

KS2 Golden Assembly

from 14.09.2018

Yearbook 2017-2018

from 10.09.2018

Joint project of Haileybury Astana and the British Embassy in Kazakhstan

from 07.09.2018

Pushkin Ball 2018

from 06.06.2018

Celebration of Music in Secondary School

from 05.06.2018

Haileybury Sports Day

from 04.06.2018

Haileybury's Got Talent 2018

from 01.06.2018

"ArtSportFest" Festival 2018

from 20.05.2018

Elements of digitalization in British education

from 14.05.2018

Victory Day

from 04.05.2018

Junior STEM Olympiad Haileybury Astana

from 22.04.2018

World Book Day

from 20.04.2018

Green grass as an alternative energy source

from 19.04.2018

World Scholar’s Cup – Astana round – March 2018

from 31.03.2018

140th anniversary dinner of the Independent Schools Association

from 27.03.2018

Nauryz at Haileybury Astana

from 15.03.2018

Welcome to the Kingdom of Kazakh Fairy Tales

from 13.03.2018

Official opening ceremony of IB Diploma Programme Centre

from 01.03.2018

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
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