At Haileybury Astana STEAM+ is a multiskilled, interdisciplinary subject, that uses the pillars of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to allow students the opportunity to develop growth mindsets and creativity, not only in these STEAM subjects, but also other subjects in the school and beyond into life.

The goal of STEAM+ is to allow Haileybury students to take skills they have learnt in other subjects (both within the STEAM subjects and outside of them) and put them to use in a contextualized project. Although at the moment the work the students are undertaking is quite prescriptive, we are hoping as the skills grow alongside their confidence, we will start to see the students being more creative with their solutions to the problems they are set. This in turn should see them develop entrepreneurial skills.

STEAM Projects for Pupils

Before the winter break, pupils are working on robotics and programming, alongside Theme Park design. Next, they will be looking at creating water tanks to see how much water they can hold with porous materials. After midterm break taking part in a competition called Makeable where they will 3D print an item for a less-abled person. 

Using STEAM to Prepare Pupils for the Workplace

A STEAM approach can incorporate many facets of the IB Learner Profile. Amongst other traits, the learners will take thoughtful risks and reflect on the outcome of these risks. They are generally working in a team to develop their communication skills alongside expecting to be open-minded of other people’s ideas. At Haileybury we have developed some STEAM “Habits of Mind” that integrate with the IB learner profiles and the Haileybury Habits and projects are developed to ensure they cover these.

The Benefits of STEAM Education

The first STEAM Olympiad was a huge success. More than 100 pupils from various schools in Kazakhstan competed in the science competition.
STEAM Olympiad

STEAM Educators

Head of the creative arts Faculty is Mr Sinclair, an imaginative teacher who has a passion for innovative curriculum design that moves with the times rather than against it.

STEAM teacher is Mr Molyneux, he is an Engineer that moved into teaching around 15 years ago and loves innovation, especially when the students are at the forefront of it. He has spent the last 5 years teaching in the UAE and moved here this academic year with his family (who are Haileybury students too). He became an Engineer and then a Design/Engineering teacher because he loves to Tinker and play with things.

, Head of Creative Arts
Ewen Sinclair
Head of Creative Arts

Тel: + 7 7172 55 98 55

, STEAM Teacher
Mark Molyneux
STEAM Teacher

Тel: + 7 7172 55 98 55

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