Maths Department at Haileybury Astana

Good numeracy and problem-solving skills are very important in today’s society. Staff in the department endeavour to teach understanding rather than just process and try to put ideas and learning into context.

It is important for young people to become independent learners and to be able to transfer the skills they learn in the classroom to prepare them for their journey through life.

Maths Curriculum at Haileybury Astana


We run a UK-based curriculum leading to Yr 10, which is in preperation for the upcoming Mathematics courses. In Yr 10 our students start to take the Mathematics IGCSE curriculum with examinations in Yr 11. The syllabus in the IGCSE starts to develop our students to become these independent and problem-solving thinkers that todays society searches for. Students learn competency, confidence and fluity in their use of the techniques of the Mathematics that the IGCSE aims to apply to real world situations as much as possible. The use of Quanititive Methods is the single most used area in the real world. We aim to prepare our students to be as prepared as possible for the real world by running the IGCSE syllabus.


In Yr 12 and 13 students study Mathematics IB. The IB curriculum Mathematics is not as simple as it would be for other subjects. This is because the IB, to an extent, aims to replicate University syllabi in order to prepare students. Therefore, in the IB the two courses offered by Haileybury are Mathematics AA (Analysis and Approaches) and AI (Applications and Interpretations).

  • AA: AA is a course designed for particularly those students who are looking to go into the Natural Sciences and Mathematics. At HL level students learn very complex areas of Mathematics that link to the first Years of Unviersity Mathematics in the mentioned courses. We at Haileybury offer Math AA at Higher and Standard Level. 
  • AI: AI is a course designed for those who wish to go into Humanities. Its focus is more on statisical interpretation, but also covers the basics of the complex concepts of Math AA. In comparison to AA Maths it is more on the conceivable real world application rather than the areas of Mathematics that are important for the calculations in for example Theoretical Physics. We offer Math AI only at HL, as it offers students a wider range of options for area choices at University. 

In IB Mathematics courses students will be asked to write and Internal Assessment, which is based on choosing a real world topic and using appropriate areas of Mathematics to solve or explain this topic. This encourages our students to be innovative, problem-solving and use logic which are important qualities in life. The focus on real world problem solving is building on what our students learn at IGCSE level. 

Our Mathematics Department at Haileybury has already successfully prepared many students for their future studies at University. Students who have been able to succeed in IB Maths have received offers from many great Universities, such as MIT, Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Bath and many more that have high Mathematics requirements in order to get an offer, due to subject specific requirements. Our amazing Mathematics demartement has helped set many brilliant minds out into the world. 

, Head of Mathematics and Duke of Edinburgh International Awards Coordinator
Susan Taylor
Head of Mathematics and Duke of Edinburgh International Awards Coordinator

Tel: +7 7172 55 98 55

, Senior Mathematics Teacher, Head of Sixth Form
Najib Sboui
Senior Mathematics Teacher, Head of Sixth Form

Tel: +7 7172 55 98 55

, Senior School Mathematics Teacher, Year 7 Class Teacher
Deepa Khati
Senior School Mathematics Teacher, Year 7 Class Teacher

Tel: +7 7172 55 98 55

, Mathematics Teacher
Faye Casinillo
Mathematics Teacher

Tel: +7 7172 55 98 55

, Olympiad Maths Teacher
Magzhan Kabashev
Olympiad Maths Teacher

Tel: +7 7172 55 98 55

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