Haileybury Astana aspires to be an adaptive, inspirational, forward-looking learning community, cultivating relationships that ignite each student’s passion for lifelong learning. We will nurture the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child. We will embrace change, inspire creativity and foster innovation. We will actively promote global understanding and respect within and between cultures. Our community will model integrity and seek opportunities to serve with compassion and conviction.

Strategic Objective 1: Our Teaching and Learning

Historically, education was based on the classroom-centred model characterised by collective, not individualised instruction. Minimal attention was given to students’ individual abilities and needs, let alone their interests or passions, which often prevented students from claiming responsibility for their own growth and development. Our goal is to capitalise on emerging opportunities by creating teaching and learning environments that encourage skills such as communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation, and problem solving and inquiry – and to facilitate personalised, student-centred learning that nurtures each child’s intellectual curiosity and individual growth.

Our Teaching and Learning Goals

1.1 Continued development of Haileybury Astana’s academic programme to support personalised experiences for all learners.

1.2 The written, taught and assessed curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners.

1.3 Extension and implementation of an enhanced provision in STEAM education in order to ensure that future developments address the long-term needs of the school.

1.4 Professional learning opportunities are designed to have a positive impact on student learning.

1.5 Ensure Haileybury Astana is recognized globally as an exemplary IB World School.
Teaching and Learning
Our Teaching and Learning Goals

Strategic Objective 2: Our WellBeing

Haileybury Astana focuses on nurturing the whole child, which includes their intellectual, physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Children excel at studying and managing stress when they feel safe and secure.

To ensure our pupils develop positive social and emotional development values involves teaching and modelling such skills and providing opportunities for students to practice and apply these skills in various situations. We also recognised that our staff play a key part in helping social-emotional learning and promoting behaviours such as kindness, sharing, and empathy.

Haileybury Astana also encourages wellbeing by participating in sports, music, drama and our wide range of co-curricular activities. With the recent COVID pandemic, and the impact this has had on children the role of WellBeing in the school underpins much of the future developments of the school.

Our WellBeing Goals

2.1 Champion and support students and staff in enabling and sustaining their wellbeing and positive mental health in all aspects of our daily lives

2.2 Support inclusion, diversity and equity initiative ensuring that Haileybury Astana is a welcoming environment for all.

2.3 Ensure the whole school pastoral programme supports the academic and holistic outcomes of all pupils.

2.4 Develop the role of student voice within the school as an integral part of strategic planning.

2.5 Develop a wide range of non-academic and wider curricular opportunities for students and staff to increase holistic skill set.
Our WellBeing Goals

Strategic Objective 3: Our Community

Community collaboration with schools complements and reinforces values, culture and the learning opportunities that schools can provide for their students. With the recent Covid pandemic much of the previous interaction between the school and the wider community in Nur-Sultan and globally has been reduced. The school recognises this as a key area for development and is now implementing this as a strategic initiative to reestablish and develop new links with community stakeholders. 

Engagement-related benefits include having an enriched curriculum as a result of interaction with external partners; enhanced professional learning opportunities for teachers; improved student attendance; reduced anti-social behaviour; improved quality of student work; improved work ethic at school; greater cultural awareness and empathy. 

Our Community Goals

3.1 Develop partnerships with local and global organisations, individuals and alumni to enhance student learning.

3.2 Embrace evolving communication channels to demonstrate the positive aspects of school life with parents and all other stakeholders.

3.3 Enhance our commitment to local and global charity projects through participation in a wide range of fundraising events.

3.4 Ensure that Haileybury Astana continues its membership with the following external academic accreditation organisations IB, CIS, NEASC and COBIS.
Our Community Goals

Strategic Objective 4: Our Sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a necessity for the school due to changing perspectives around the world. It is becoming even more critical for Haileybury Astana to address the gap between knowing and doing by embracing sustainable educational and business practices. 

Sustainability can be defined as providing for the present needs without compromising the needs of the future generations to meet theirs. It has three pillars: economic, environmental and social. A strategic initiative focusing on sustainability will add brand value, meet stakeholder demands, increase efficiency, attract valuable new staff and create new opportunities

Our Sustainability Goals

4.1 Ensure our environmental impact is fundamental to all our decision making

4.2 Ensure that the school site and any future changes makes best use of space and location to support the changing educational, digit and pastoral landscape
Our Sustainability Goals

Strategic Objective 5: Our Innovation

Innovation in education encourages students to research, explore, and use all the tools to uncover something new, thereby, helping students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. Innovation does not just mean the use of technology e.g. Digital Technology, Robotics or new inventions e.g 3D Printing, however, these can help contribute to innovation within the education provision of a school.

Haileybury Astana aspires to incorporate cutting edge technology in a meaningful way by redesigning the opportunities, within the curriculum and the physical resources on the school site. The developments in both areas are designed to allow students to acquire deeper understandings of skills including communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation, and critical thinking, problem solving and inquiry. The flexible use of this technology will implement an innovation theme which will run throughout the Junior and Senior School. We aspire for our new learning spaces to incorporate technologies, engage students, create new learning possibilities, enhance achievements, and extend interactions with local and global communities.

Our Innovation Goals

5.1 Development of new Innovation Learning Spaces to develop new learning experiences for pupils

5.2 Development of enhanced Digital Literacy Programme for Junior and Senior School

5.3 Development of STEAM learning programme within the school.
Our Innovation Goals
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