Haileybury Astana School Bus Service 

At Haileybury Astana School, we take pride in providing safe, reliable, and convenient school bus services for our students.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a comfortable and secure transportation experience that puts parents' minds at ease and makes students excited to hop on the bus each day.

The aim of school bus services is to provide safe and reliable transportation for pupils to and from school

The comfort of our pupils and peace of mind for parents is very important, and we will use the best technology to organise a transparent and user-friendly process. For this purpose, the School uses the BatOnRoute software.

We believe that this app is very useful for parents, providing more information and ease of update.

Haileybury Astana School Bus Services

New Routes Options

We are committed to providing safe and efficient transportation solutions for our pupils. To that end, we have been evaluating different options to enhance our school bus services. In this pursuit, we have identified several alternative routes that we believe may better serve our pupils' needs.
Your input is invaluable to us, as parents and guardians who directly experience the impact of our school bus services. We kindly request you to take a few moments to review the presentation with alternative routes we are considering and provide your feedback.
New Routes Options

Highvill Astana 2 Route Line Timetable

Yesil-3 Route Line Timetable

Application Form
, Camps and Transport Coordinator
Kasymkhan Nurmukhamedov
Camps and Transport Coordinator

Tel: +7 (777) 522 4558


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