Blitz Poll — British School Haileybury Astana

We are happy to share with you a short teaser of Headmaster’s Talk series with Haileybury Astana Headmaster, Mr John Coles.

Mr Coles @head_of_haileyburyastana_ answers the crucial questions posed by the Haileybury parent Community.

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Haileybury Astana Mathematics Olympiad 2021
Haileybury Astana invites all high school students from Nur-Sultan schools to take part in the Haileybury Astana Mathematics Olympiad 2021
Join Haileybury Astana Open Morning in Kindergarten and Junior School
We are delighted to invite everyone who is interested in British education to join our Kindergarten and Junior School Open Morning on Saturday, April 17th from 10am to 12pm.
Online School Tour on Instagram
Join Haileybury Astana online school tour to see how we develop the love of learning through fun and engaging play-based teaching and learning approaches without leaving your seat!
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