English Olympiad Results 2022

English Olympiad Results

Last Saturday brought the second English Olympiad here at Haileybury Astana. Over 130 students applied to the Olympiad and twenty were invited along to participate in the Olympiad.

The competition consisted of two elements: Creative Writing in which the students chose a task out of nine proposed and a Spoken Word Performance poem section. The poetry pieces performed included: Coleridge; Shakespeare and Angelou. Students used tone, pace, intonation and gesture to draw out the meaning of their chosen work and to show their connection to it.

We were delighted to host this wonderful group of cheerful, brave and risk-taking students and it was a joy to announce the winners:

1st Place – Ayaru Temenova – Astana Bilim Innovation Lyceum
2nd Place – Alua Sharisheva – NIS IB
3rd Place – Zhanel Kuatbekova - NIS IB

Many thanks to all those who entered the competition and brought pride to themselves, their families and their school.

HASTMUN 2023 is a student-led Model United Nations (MUN) conference where young people can come together to discuss global issues. This year's theme, chosen by the students themselves, was "Mitigating injustice for a fairer future".
"KNAMM" Art Exhibition
On the 9th of March, Haileybury Astana Art Department opened the doors to the 'KNAMM' Art Exhibition which was held by Year 13 IB students. The word "KNAMM" means "come to us" in Russian, and is also an abbreviation of the names of the students who organised the exhibition: Kamilla, Naira, Anar, Merei and Maria.
The Peer Education Project
The Peer Education Project (PEP) is a secondary school mental health programme, available to all UK and International British schools. In Kazakhstan, Haileybury Astana is the first school to implement the project in the education system.
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