Exciting News: Haileybury Astana's Junior School Swimming Galas a Big Hit!

Exciting News: Haileybury Astana's Junior School Swimming Galas a Big Hit!

In a big splash of fun and competition, Haileybury Astana's Junior School recently hosted its Interhouse Swimming Galas, where young swimmers showed off their skills with enthusiasm.

The Year 5/6 category was won by @haileyburyastana_bartlefrere, who showed great teamwork and skill. In the Year 3/4 category, @haileyburyastana_edmonstone emerged victorious, showing determination and good sportsmanship.

At Haileybury Astana, we believe in giving our students lots of chances to shine, not only in class but also in important life skills like swimming. "Swimming isn’t just a sport; it’s a vital life skill." These galas are not just about winning; they also help students feel confident and safe in the water, getting them ready for life's challenges.

These galas are just the start of our efforts to help our students grow in all areas. We're committed to giving them more chances like this to show off their talents and feel proud of their achievements.

Join us in cheering on our young athletes and keeping up with all things sports at Haileybury Astana by following @haileyburyastana_sports. Let's keep inspiring each other to do our best, both in the pool and out!

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