Exploring future subjects: IB Options Evening

Exploring future subjects: IB Options Evening

Haileybury Astana recently hosted an International Baccalaureate (IB) Options Evening, bringing together Year 11 students and their families to explore the 2-year IB Diploma Programme. The evening was all about discovering subject options that will play a big role in shaping future careers.

The event buzzed with energy as everyone joined in insightful discussions and had the chance to ask questions to teachers and IB students. The atmosphere was friendly and engaging, providing a sneak peek into the exciting academic journey awaiting the students.

A standout moment was the Q&A sessions, where attendees got to ask their questions and hear from teachers and IB students directly. The shared stories and experiences helped demystify the IB programme, making it feel more approachable and real.

Haileybury Astana is known for providing excellent education, and the success of the IB Options Evening reinforces the school's commitment to supporting students on their academic journey. As Year 11 students and families step into this exciting chapter, Haileybury Astana eagerly awaits the achievements and successes that will undoubtedly follow.

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