Winners of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2022-2023

Winners of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2022-2023

Last Saturday, we held the Main stage of the Mathematics Olympiad, and the results were summed up. During the day, participants competed in solving advanced tasks from various areas of mathematics.

The competition brought together students who had just started their Olympiad journey, as well as winners of national and international mathematics competitions. 

We congratulate our winners and awardees and wish them even more victories! The names of the winners are presented below.

Grade 8 Winners

Adi Kuralov (1st place)

Mansur Murat (2nd place)

Adiya Mussakhanova (2nd place)

Ansar Kabdolla (3rd place)

Binazir Shalbayeva (3rd place)


Grade 9 Winners

Abzal Tansykbai (1st place)

Torezhan Kabdyrakym (2nd place)

Zhanaidar Aidos (3rd place)


Grade 10 Winners

Olzhas Makhazhanov (1st place)

Aibyn Amangeldin (2nd place)

Albar Kerimkhan (3rd place)
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