Haileybury Astana Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Initial Stage Results Announced

Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Initial Stage Results Announced

On November 11th, the first stage of the Haileybury Astana Mathematics Olympiad 2023 was held for pupils in grades 8-10 in an online format. 

The primary objective of the Olympiad is to promote the appreciation of mathematics and cultivate students' enthusiasm for tackling unconventional mathematical problems. The students with the highest score in the Initial Stage are invited to Haileybury Astana to participate in the Main Stage.

The initial stage has garnered substantial interest, with more than 500 students registering from various schools in Astana. Schools such as the Canadian International School, Astana BIL, Republican Physical and Mathematical School, NIS IB, NIS PhM, Binom, among others, are well-represented. This widespread participation reflects a diverse and inclusive academic environment, highlighting the enthusiasm and engagement of students in Astana.

If you have any questions, please email olympiad@haileyburyastana.kz.

  • Date of the Main stage: November 18, 2023


  • 08:30-08:50 Arrival/Registration
  • 08:50-09:00 Opening
  • 09:00-13:00 Olympiad Round
  • 13:00-15:30 Free time
  • 15:30-16:30 Coordination
  • 16:30-16:50 Closing/Awarding winners

Students invited to Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Main Stage:

Grade 8 AbdulMansur Nurzhan
Akzere Yeskhatkyzy
Alimzhan Kasimov
Ansar Kurmet
Aruzhan Kappasova
Aruzhan Makhanbetiyarova 
Damir Murzaguzhinov
Dana Asetova
Dilyara Madirova
Ilgiz Shukaev
Khabibulla Pirman
Lev Berezhnyy
Malika Kadyrbekova 
Nazar-Ali Nurbaturov
Nurbanu Tuzelbayeva 
Nurkhan Nurtaza
Yeskendir Batyrkhan 
Zeine Shaimardan
Grade 9 Adi Kuralov
Adiya Mussakhanova
Aituar Nurzhumin
Aldiyar Shamidin
Alzere Chindaliyeva
Amir Yessimov
Amirlan Seitkadyrov
Ansar Kabdolla
Assanali Shabarkhanov
Binazir Shalbayeva
Eduard Pikh
Mansur Murat
Tagir Zhaissanbayev
Vladimir Tupikin
Yerassyl Altynbek
Yerasyl Baigozha
Grade 10 Abzal Tangsykbay
Amina Seitmagambet
Amina Taskinbayeva
Daniya Sambetova
Dariya Sarsenbekova
Farabi Manakhov
Malika Faizulla
Oleg Kan
Tamerlan Arkenov
Timerlan Murat
Zhanaidar Aidos
Join us for the TechnoGirls Motivation Day!
The TechnoWomen community is delighted to invite female pupils to participate in TechnoGirls Motivation Day, which will be held on December 9th here, at Haileybury Astana. This is a great opportunity to meet a community of women who work and have already succeeded in the IT and Tech industry.
The Winners of the II International Piano and Piano Ensemble Competition "The Path to Mastery"
On the 18th and 19th of November, Haileybury Astana hosted the II International Piano and Piano Ensemble Competition, ‘The Path to Mastery,’ organized by the public foundation ‘Music of the World.’
Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards for Haileybury Astana Students
The awards are presented to the students who achieve the best scores in their subjects in each series of IGCSE examinations. Amir, Alina and Zere received the highest marks in individual subjects in Kazakhstan - in particular Biology, Russian Language and Physics.
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