House Captains 

During the Second Term, Senior School pupils had a chance to apply for a Captain position for their own House. The selection process for House Captains and their Deputies was hard, as every applicant showed excellent skills and readiness to take the responsibility.

We are happy to announce the names of new House Captains and their Deputies in each House and are waiting for your support. 


  • House Captain - Tomiris
  • House Captain - Mansur 
  • Deputy House Captain - Darkhan 
  • Deputy House Captain - Aida 

Bartle Frere

  • House Captain - Marta
  • House Captain - Aidyn
  • Deputy House Captain - Anna
  • Deputy House Captain - Amina


  • House Captain - Chiara
  • House Captain - Amina
  • Deputy House Captain - Lucas
  • Deputy House Captain - Evdokiia


  • House Captain - Sara Juliana (Luly)
  • House Captain - Iztileubek
  • Deputy House Captain - Inaaya
  • Deputy House Captain - Akerke
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