Haileybury Astana Parents’ Organization Litter-Picking Initiative

Haileybury Astana Parents’ Organization Litter-Picking Initiative

We are proud to share that our pupils spent time on the weekend collecting litter at Maybalyk Lake.

The main purpose of the initiative is to teach pupils about the damaging effects of litter on the environment and reconnect with nature. The Parent’s Association @hpa_haileyburyastana says that children enjoyed themselves and took away some valuable lessons: “We learnt a lot: what wild dandelions look like, how potatoes grow, and how to fish. We also saw how the unprotected environment looks like if everybody will leave waste and litter behind them.”

Well done to our dedicated volunteers for keeping our beautiful nature clean!

Congratulations to the 2021 IBDP Haileybury Astana Cohort!
Congratulations to the 2021 IBDP Haileybury Astana Cohort, what an incredible set of results! Haileybury Astana pupils have all been rightfully rewarded for their hard work, resilience and adaptability.
Congratulations to the Class of 2021!
We thank our students for their dedication, hard work, and compassion. You are an example that great successes are possible to accomplish even during challenging times.
The first TedxYouth@HaileyburyAstana brought the spirit of TED to the school
TedxYouth@HaileyburyAstana is a pupil-organised conference that includes live speakers and is operated under a free licence of TED, a nonprofit organization whose slogan is “Ideas worth spreading.”
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