If you could describe Haileybury Astana in one word, what would it be?

Fun? Motivating? Knowledgeable? Let’s find out!

We have asked Junior school pupils to define Haileybury Astana in a few words. Young Haileyburians did not hesitate to answer. 

Spoiler alert: We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Winners of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2022-2023
Last Saturday, we held the Main stage of the Mathematics Olympiad, and the results were summed up. During the day, participants competed in solving advanced tasks from various areas of mathematics.
Three ambassadors visit Haileybury Astana
Haileybury Astana engages pupils in learning about Sustainability as this is one of the 5 School’s Strategic Objectives.
Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2022 Initial Stage Results Announced
On November 20th, the first stage of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2022 was held for pupils in grades 8-10 in an online format. More than 280 participants registered for the Olympiad.
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