Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards for Haileybury Astana Students

The awards are presented to the students who achieve the best scores in their subjects in each series of IGCSE examinations. Amir, Alina and Zere received the highest marks in individual subjects in Kazakhstan - in particular Biology, Russian Language and Physics.

🏆 What are the OPLAs?

The Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards (OPLAs) are a prestigious recognition of academic excellence. They honor learners who have not only excelled but have achieved the highest subject marks in their respective countries, regions, and globally during each exam series.

🌍 Global Excellence:

Our learners have set themselves apart on the world stage. They are part of an exclusive group of 2,600 awardees from 700 schools across 82 countries. These outstanding individuals have earned their place among the best globally, a true testament to their dedication and hard work.

🏅 Outstanding Criteria:

The OPLAs are awarded at three levels, representing the pinnacle of academic achievement:

  • 🌟 The Highest Mark in the World

  • 🌟 The Highest Mark in the Region

  • 🌟 The Highest Mark in the Country

These awards recognize learners with the highest marks and grades in their subjects during each exam series. It's a competitive arena, where our learners have outshone their peers from around the world.

🏆 Awards Received:

We are proud to announce that Haileybury Astana, Kazakhstan, has received a total of 3 awards. These are the learners who have made us immensely proud:

🎉 Congratulations!

Warm congratulations to the outstanding learners at Haileybury Astana for their unwavering dedication and hard work, resulting in these impressive accomplishments. We look forward to joyfully celebrating these remarkable achievements in the years to come.


Every November, Pearson releases a list of award recipients from the preceding October, January, and May/June exam series. Furthermore, by the end of November each year, a comprehensive list of schools with OPLA-winning students will be published on this page.

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