Outstanding Success at COBIS Virtual Debating Competition

Outstanding Success at COBIS Virtual Debating Competition

In a showcase of exceptional debating skills, our students left an indelible mark of excellence at the COBIS Virtual Debating Competition in December.

A special congratulations goes to Issatay and Lilian, both recipients of the coveted "Star Speaker" award. Issatay's compelling discourse on democracy and inclusivity, coupled with adept handling of points of information, earned him high praise from the judges. Lilian's exceptional confidence and winning summary speech secured victory for her team.

Commendations extend to Team №1 (Alina, Alima, Yelkhan, Issatay, Damlanur) and Team №2 (Lilian, Aisaule, Chiara, Saron, Inaaya) for their unwavering commitment and outstanding performances.

This success not only showcases the dedication and hard work of our students but also highlights the remarkable talent within our academic community. Congratulations to all participants for their exemplary performances, and we eagerly anticipate their continued success on the debating stage and beyond.

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