Sports Day at Haileybury Astana

Sports Day at Haileybury Astana

Sports Day is an annual event held by Haileybury Astana School, which aims to promote sports and improve physical culture among students of all ages. Our main task is to maintain both the mental and physical health of each student.

By expanding the physical capabilities of students, we contribute to the overall development of the child, where they learn to work in a team, develop leadership skills, and instil a healthy lifestyle, thereby achieving heights in all spheres of life.

Last week, sports competitions were held for 4 Houses of the school, where pupils of years 1-6, as well as the youngest students of our school (EYFS), took part. Haileybury Astana is proud of its pupils and will continue to develop sports both inside and outside the school!

We are committed to supporting our students’ mental health and well-being so our students can achieve their full potential in order to be successful and enjoy their time at school.

HASTMUN 2023 is a student-led Model United Nations (MUN) conference where young people can come together to discuss global issues. This year's theme, chosen by the students themselves, was "Mitigating injustice for a fairer future".
"KNAMM" Art Exhibition
On the 9th of March, Haileybury Astana Art Department opened the doors to the 'KNAMM' Art Exhibition which was held by Year 13 IB students. The word "KNAMM" means "come to us" in Russian, and is also an abbreviation of the names of the students who organised the exhibition: Kamilla, Naira, Anar, Merei and Maria.
The Peer Education Project
The Peer Education Project (PEP) is a secondary school mental health programme, available to all UK and International British schools. In Kazakhstan, Haileybury Astana is the first school to implement the project in the education system.
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